Grija față de noi

Please complete these questions in preparation for your group discussion.

  • As you think of the pace of your life, where would you place yourself on the line above? Share where you placed the “X” and why. ___________________________________________
  • How can an unhealthy pace impact you? ___________________________________________
  • What would an ideal Sabbath look like for you? ___________________________________________
  • What are your biggest roadblocks to consistently practicing Sabbath? As you answer that question don’t just think about external circumstances but also about internal roadblocks as well. ___________________________________________

Complete the Replenish Bucket exercise by drawing the diagram below on a piece of paper and going through the following steps. Answer the questions below as you do.

The purpose of this exercise is to identify the things/activities that fill your tank and keep you healthy. In life, there are all kinds of things that suck/drain the life out of us. But to stay healthy, we need to have a few things that put life in us.

In each of the 5 rectangles, write down an activity that is bucket filling for you. Think about this for a moment. What is it, that when you do, it fills you? It could be alone time in the morning, or a date night with your wife, or working out, or dinner with friends, or being in nature, or painting… Take 2-3 minutes for people to write these down.

Now, either in the box or next to it, write down how often you need this ideally. If there are things in your rectangles that you can’t do at least once a quarter, I would find something else to put in the box. So, for each of these, is it something that you ideally need daily, weekly, monthly, twice a month, etc.?

Share one thing that fills your tank and how often you ideally need that thing.


Now, in each box write one of three letters… R, Y, or G. For Red, yellow, green.

This is to indicate the current status the activity you have written in the box. If it’s green, that means its flourishing and thriving in your life right now. Yellow means it’s not terrible, but it’s not great. Red means it is almost nonexistent in your life right now.

Share the status of the thing you shared in the previous question (R, Y or G).


Circle the one that is most critical to you staying in a healthy place. In other words, it is most important to replenishing you.

There is one final piece. At the bottom of the diagram is a hole in the bucket. Write down one thing that you might need to consider removing from you life that drains your bucket.

Share one thing that you feel drains your bucket that you might need to consider removing from your life.



Download the PDF with these questions and empty fields here.


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